Eliminate Job Pressure With The Help Of Stress Balls

Stress Ball

                        Magnetic Stress Ball

Office hours can become hectic and stressful at times. Such moments can adversely affect your overall productivity and bring you mentally down. It is quite natural that you get grumpy during such situations. This is why you require an instant stress reliever to elevate your mood and bring back the cheerful spirit. Normally, people prefer to listen to their favorite songs or go out with friends to watch a movie. At the same time, this is not always practical as it can cost you your job. This is where we can see the significance and advantages of the magnetic stress ball. The facets mentioned below will clearly tell you why a stress ball can be your perfect office mate.

Magnetic stress ball

One of the major benefits of using stress ball is that you can play at your leisure times without hampering the discipline of your office or disturbing your colleagues. This is exactly why a stress ball is considered as one of the best desktop toys that can be handy. A pack of this desktop toy consists of two major and distinct magnetic poles. One pole repels and the other one attracts. It is due to this magnetic property that you are able to create numerous interesting shapes with the stress ball.

You can pamper your artistic skills and imagination in a great way when you play with the stress ball. It is quite interesting to find a new pattern that takes form at the end of every design that you create with the stress ball. This keeps you always engaged in the fun activity and stress will not affect you. The best part is that you will be able to improve your cognitive functions. Both the left and right hemispheres of your brain are constantly stimulated when you play with the special stress buster toy. As a result, you will be able to improve your concentration, reasoning capabilities and analytical skills.

Stress Reliever

                              Stress Buster Balls


KlikyBalls is touted to be one of the most popular magnetic toys that we have in stores now. You can see that KlikyBalls are available in a wide range of dazzling colors. There are these blue, red and mixed color editions of KlikyBalls that makes them appealing to the eyes. You can twist, crush and mold KlikyBalls into countless patterns. Besides that, you can also use the cute and compact magnetic spheres to decorate your office walls and your office desk. Get a set of KlikyBalls at the earliest. Forget about office pressure and enjoy your working hours!

Buckeye Balls- The Best Stress Buster Toys

Buckeye Balls

                   Buckeye Ball Toys

Every year, in stores, there will be some holiday gift that becomes an instant runaway hit. This year, it is the Buckeye balls. Buckeye balls have become the best selling desk toys in US owing to the entertainment and stress relieving capabilities of the toy. Each set of Buckeye balls contains 216 strong rare earth magnets that can be molded, shaped, snapped together, and torn apart in a number of ways. You can make sculptures, patterns, puzzles, shapes and stick things to the fridge with these cute little magnetic balls. You should understand that these tiny little magnetic balls are addictive.

Buckeye balls features 216 neo magnet balls. Trying to find something more useful is useless in the case of Buckeye balls. There are three colors to select from- Black, Gold and Silver. The manufacturers of the Buckeye balls claims that each Buckeye ball can hold a half-pound wrench. These balls are so strong that you may bruise your fingers while trying to pull these balls apart. Buckeye balls can also be used to perform magic tricks as well. The magnetic properties of these cute little balls help you perform magic tricks effortlessly. If the viewer does not know that these balls are magnetic, you will be able to do some amazing tricks with them.

These magnetic balls are also very good stress busters. Like any other stress balls, these balls can also be squeezed, molded, or attached together to form shapes and designs. Doing this will vent out the tensions and frustrations out of your mind. This is the reason why Buckeye balls have become the best selling desk toys. Many of the experts in the field believe that magnets can be much useful to one’s health.

Cute Little Magnetic Balls

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Kliky Balls

These are very smooth magnetic spheres that can attract each other very strongly. You can use these balls to mold unlimited number of shapes. The advantage of playing with Kliky balls is that these balls can stimulate both the hemispheres of the human brain. Another thing is that you do not need any instructions to play with Kliky balls. You just have to take care not to give Kliky balls to small kids, as these balls can prove fatal if ingested. Kliky balls lasts for years and they never break.

There is no better toy in the market that can alleviate your tension and stress. Order Kliky balls today!

Use Magnetic Desk Toys For Stress Relief

Neodymium Magnet

           About Neodymium Magnet Toys

Stress is part and parcel of work life. You just have to figure out a way to effectively deal with it and then, move on with your job. There are many different ways you can reduce stress. Picking a hobby is always a good solution. Finding something to distract you for a while also helps. And, this is where neodymium magnet toys come in.

About the neodymium magnet desk toys

Having some fun playing puzzles or games is the best way to beat stress. You can try crossword puzzles and Sudoku, if you are good at that sort of thing. But, if you need something more relaxing than that, then you should try the neodymium magnet construction toys. These are toys sets consisting of many neodymium magnet pieces, which can be used for creating different shapes and structures.

Typically, in a construction toy, the pieces will have some kind of an interlocking structure to keep the pieces held together for constructing a structure. In these neodymium magnet toys however, you will not find such interlocking structures. You have to align the pieces with the opposite North-South pole facing each other to make use of the magnetic force of attraction to hold them together.

You can use your imagination to come with some really cool designs. In fact, with the right number of magnetic pieces, there is no limit to the number of designs you can come up with.

About the KlikyBalls toy set

One of the best brands of magnetic toy set available in the market is KlikyBalls. The pieces in these set are made from neodymium magnet. Such magnets are made from an alloy of Iron, Boron and Neodymium giving them permanent magnetic properties. The KlikyBalls pieces made from such permanent magnets will therefore last a lifetime.

Permanent Magnets

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The KlikyBalls toys are very elegantly designed and make the ideal office desk toy. Just create a paperweight for your office desk by aligning the magnetic pieces to create a solid structure and place it on your table. You can choose from six different colours of red, green, blue, black, silver and gold for your KlikyBalls set.

The standard set will have about 216 pieces, all in the shape of solid spheres. There are bigger sets available that have up to 2160 pieces. The starting price for KlikyBalls is $22.99. For price details about the other standard KlikyBalls set, visit their official website online.

Buckyball Magnets Released To Blow Your Mind Away


                      Buckyball Magnets

Buckyball is a magnetic toy that is widely available in the market now in a days. The toy was released to the market and is supposed to be the new Rubik’s cube, with its amazing feature to boost the brain cells. If you are wondering how on earth can a toy boost the brain and provide fun at the same time, it’s quite simple. These magnetic balls can be attached to one another to form different shapes and structures. You can have endless fun by creating shapes and structures at the same time by boosting your brain cells.

Like any common magnet, each buckyball has two ends or poles; when you bring the like poles together, they repel, while opposite poles attract each other when brought together. However, like in the case of a planet, these poles are invisible, but that does not mean that they are not present. It is an interesting fact to note that sticking buckyball magnets to one another will line up all the positive poles in one direction, while the negative poles will take the opposite direction.

You need to be careful while molding a new structure with buckyball, because if you stick together the balls with wrong polarity, it will change the structure as a whole, and you will have a magnetic blobby mess. Now you will have to start from the very beginning by taking away all the magnets one at a time. If you are wondering why we call these magnetic balls as buckyball, it’s simply because of its resemblance to the carbon nano molecules. A user can easily construct a fullerene molecular structure by using these ball magnets.

Busting Stress

                    Features Of Buckyball

Get Kliky balls

Kliky balls are the leading brand of buckyball, and are mainly used to have fun. You can easily create different shapes and structures by attaching Kliky ball magnets. The toy is mainly used in busting stress, due to its effect at relieving stress. The main reason for the stress-relieving effect is that you use the brain for some time to create something. A single set of Kliky balls contains 216 magnetic balls which are made from rare earth metals. The best thing about Kliky balls is that they are available in three different colors. Get the non-depleting neodymium magnets from Kliky balls for amazing offers right now from the official website.

Use Buckyballs To Have The Best Fun Time


                Purchase Magnets

Life keeps us quite busy and rarely do people find time to spend for themselves. Some may wish to have leisure hours and some may be confused as how to make use of their leisure hours. Both these groups can definitely consider some creative ways that could help them to have good entertainment. If you are looking for a special tool that could entertain you, then the best tool would be buckyballs.

What are buckyballs?

Buckyballs are small magnetic balls that are made of neodymium rare earth magnets. These balls are quite tiny and are attractive. Each ball possesses a North Pole and a South Pole. One pole attracts and the other one repels. You can remember this fact while using these magnetic balls and create wonderful shapes and structures using these magnets. You can have plenty of fun using these balls since the process of making shapes is quite simple and easy. There would be around 216 balls in a set and you can have hours and hours of fun playing with them.

Adults can definitely consider this as a fun tool that would be the most appropriate tool to keep them entertained. They could simply place these magnets on their office desk and can make attractive forms and shapes using them. No matter how stressed you are, using buckyballs will give you relief. You will feel refreshed after spending time with these magnets.

It is quite easy to mold different structures and shapes with these magnets and you can create small squares, spheres, cuboids, rectangles, pentagon, diamond shapes and other structures using these magnetic balls. There is no end for your imagination and you can simply go on making different forms. There is no doubt that your colleagues will applaud your wonderful creativity. You even try making different puzzles using buckyballs.

Rare Earth Magnets

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KlikyBalls are small spherical magnetic balls that made of rare earth magnets. There are 216 balls in a set and they can be attached to one another. You can definitely create marvelous forms using KlikyBalls and thus enhance your creative skills. You can play with it and carry it wherever you go. These magnets can be considered as a stress relief tool that can be molded and detached easily.

You can purchase KlikyBalls magnets for 29.99 dollars plus 5.95 dollars as shipping and handling charges. You just have to pay 5 dollars more to acquire a black or silver edition of the same. Now the choice is all yours!

Buckeye Balls- The Most Popular Desktoy

Buckeye Balls

            Magnetic Balls To Relieve Stress

Stress management is an important thing that you should be an expert at, since in the fast moving world, stress and pressure is inevitable. The name looks as if it is something big and it requires a lot of training and expertise. Managing stress is as simple as doing things you like to do away with the tension. Considering this, there are many toys that are available to relieve stress. Some can do a variety of things while some do only one thing.

One of the toys that can be used in various ways is the buckeye balls. These great desktoys come handy when you experience stress with the daily work. The buckeye balls are made of magnetic materials and are spherical. Since they are made of magnets, they possess some of the magnetic attributes; it has two poles namely the North Pole and the South Pole.

The buckeye balls come in a set of 216 magnetic balls, which is a way to unlimited fun and frolic. You can make various shapes by connecting each of the buckeye balls. If you are new to the toy, you can begin by making shapes like pyramids, spheres, cubes, etc. When you become an expert, you can get into making hexagons, pentagons and many more shapes. Apart from geometric shapes, tease your imagination into making new and different shapes.

Buckeye balls are the best toy that can be implemented in teaching math and geometry. Since a pictorial representation or a spatial representation helps a child to understand concepts better, it would be a great idea to create shapes out of the buckeye balls and represent them while teaching it theoretically.


Stress Management

            Kliky balls

Klikyballs are one of the best stress busters and hence become a favorite toy among adults. The most advantageous thing about Klikyballs is the ease of carrying it wherever you go. This is the best desktoy, which can be a saver from the pressure at work. Playing with Klikyballs is also an exercise to the brain. This is also a tool to tease logical reasoning and the imaginative power of a person.

Klikyballs are available in different colors such as golden, silver, black, blue, green and red. When you have more than two colors, the fun adds up. When you are low and unhappy or bored, this is the right toy to play with as it has the ability to brighten the mood of a person. It is also the best toy that is apt for stress management.

Magnets And Stress Relief


                         Strong Magnets

All of us have experienced stress at some point or the other in our lives. Stress can be disastrous and you may not be able to work when you are stressed out. In extreme cases, the person will have difficulty just getting out of his or her bed. One option is to suffer through the stress and the better solution is to take medications that are prescribed by your doctor. Another option is to take forces from nature and use them to relieve the stress that you are experiencing.

Magnotherapy or Magnet therapy is an alternative medicine practice that offers healing powers with the use of magnetic fields. The theory behind Magnetic Therapy is that subjecting parts of your body to static magnetic fields will have a positive beneficial and healing effect on the body. Making use of magnets for healing has been around for decades. This got wide acceptance in the medical field only recently. The quality of the stress relief is dependent on applying the magnets on the right spot. Making use of strong magnets is also important to get the desired results.

Stress is experienced when our body reacts to the surroundings and environments. This can be felt as tightness in the joints or an increased blood pressure. These symptoms can be the result of changes and lack of balance in our body. Magnets that are placed in your earrings can be used to make a balanced condition of negative and positive ions in the body. You will be able to reduce stress greatly when these forces are balanced.


                   Magnets and Toys

There are many magnetic toys available in the market that can help you get rid of stress. Kliky balls is one among them and it can help you relieve stress even at your office. This is the reason why Kliky balls has become the best selling desk toy. These balls can be squeezed and molded, to get rid of the day-to-day stress in your life. Kliky balls are made of strong Neodymium magnets and they can retain their magnetic powers for years.

A pack of Kliky balls contains 216 strong magnets. You can make use of these magnets to create any shape and design that you can think of. Kliky balls are available in Gold, Silver and Black colors. You may order these balls online and enjoy a stress free life. You can use them at office or home to get rid of stress.

Enhance Your Creativity Using Buckyballs

Bucky Balls

              Bucky Ball Uses

Getting relief from the tensions in your daily life helps focus more on work and other productive activities. If you are constantly disturbed with something, there’s no saying how this will affect your performance, in whatever walk of life. Therefore, it is necessary to keep your mind clear of unnecessary distractions.

Nowadays, people make use of plenty of stress relieving tools to focus their minds. Only a few of these are able to leave what you’d exactly call a mark, among users. One such magnetic puzzle toy, which has been exceedingly popular among both adults and children, is bucky balls. Now, let’s familiarize with Buckyballs.

Bucky balls are actually a set of magnetic balls, which are capable of molding to each other to form variety of geometrical shapes and patterns. By using this amazing toy, you’re able to make different shapes like squares, spheres etc, which provide unlimited fun to the person playing with it. In fact, playing with bucky balls will help to find entertainment during boring hours, leaving you more cheerful. This is the perfect solution to boredom at the office.

Apart from these uses, bucky balls are effective in stimulating both sides of the brain, and this particularly helps children when geometrical shapes are demonstrated to them using this toy.

Facts on Buckyballs

  • Buckyballs consist of magnetic balls made of strong neodymium, rendering each one of them a magnet. The magnetic force of attraction makes it possible for these balls to form variety of strong shapes.
  • Start getting used to bucky balls by creating simple shapes. Something along the lines of triangles, which when made in 3D would give you a pyramid. Once you get used to this, you can move on to making cubes of different sizes and start raising the number of sides, and that’ll make the game more interesting.
  • Kids can derive some fun from this as well. Just be around when they’re playing with bucky balls, because if they swallow the magnets it can cause severe internal injuries.
  • Before using bucky balls, clearly read the instructions given along with the product.
Magnetic Spheres

               Uses Of Bucky Balls


One of best brands among the several buckyballs available is KlikyBalls. It is a set of 216 strong magnetic spheres, which can be joined together to form plenty of geometrical shapes. KlikyBalls are easy to operate and do not require any instructions for use. Moreover, they feature strong magnetic pull, and the shapes will not break easily. KlikyBalls offer unlimited fun and joy to both adults and children. Moreover, these also help in improving the imagination and creative skill of an individual. Get KlikyBalls and bring in entertainment and fun during the boring hours. Buy it now!

Super Strong Magnetic Balls: Fun To Play And Fun To Learn

Magnetic Balls

                     Best Magnetic Balls

Imagine a game that offers pleasure and fun along with the possibility of good grades. Buckyballs toy magnetic balls have been designed to serve exactly this purpose. These cute magnetic balls have the amazing ability to enhance your cognitive skills, and significantly. You can use these magnetic balls to create several awesome geometrical shapes, designs and patterns. This really helps one to have a better practical understanding of various geometrical shapes and structures. It also improves your spatial understanding of shapes. And of course, playing with these magnetic balls primarily helps in getting rid of mental strain and stress.

Be it Chemistry or Physics that’s giving you a hard time, you can get a better understanding of the subject better when you use these magnetic balls. Children and students can easily build and better understand the shapes of various chemical structures and compositions with the help of Buckyball magnetic balls. Scientific theories are better learnt practically than theoretically. These wonderful magnetic balls provide a great opportunity to learn these theories practically. These cool magnetic balls can be easily molded, turned and twisted into exciting designs and structures. You will never get bored playing with Buckyballs.

Like any magnet, every Buckyball has one pole which attracts, and another one which repels. This is the precise reason which enables students to attach and detach the magnetic balls to create various designs and shapes. You feel like an innovator because there are new designs and patterns at the end of every shape you build. You find it very difficult to put away this toy, because the endless fun is addicting. It provides myriad possibilities for different shape configurations.

There is no other toy that can better blend fun with learning. This is the new Rubik’s cube. You improve your logical reasoning, analytical skills and even your memory using this play thing.

Scientific Theories

                   Magnetic Balls Info


KlikyBalls are amazing magnetic balls, which help in mitigating your workplace stress and tensions. At a boring meeting, during a repetitive job, and even in your leisure time, you can enjoy playing with KlikyBalls. The countless shapes and design possibilities that it offers can help to relieve some of your work tensions, providing a wonderful distraction to enjoy. It enhances your creativity and logic. You’ll feel fresh and satisfied, and enjoy a sense of achievement after successfully creating a complicated design. There will be many eureka moments, because some of the shapes that come together, you’ll be seeing for the first time.

Say good bye to boredom, forget your office worries and enjoy the awesomeness of this incredible desk toy.

Bucky Balls- The Best Geek Toy

Stress ball

                             stress balls

You may have heard of and used many stress release toys like bubble pen, stress ball, and many more. Bucky balls are the latest members in the group of stress balls. These magnetic building spheres can be used to make all types of structures and shapes. With the help of this stress ball, you will be able to make all types of basic shapes and forms, magnetic jewelry, atomic structures and many more figures. You can also stick these stress balls to your refrigerator to make outrageous artistic shapes. This is the perfect toy that you can gift your child.

With this toy, your child will be able to learn symmetry and geometric shapes. Each stress ball is a strong magnet that can attract very strongly. These balls provide very good exercise to the brain of the user. Playing with these balls will help in the development of both the hemispheres of the user. You can make your own puzzles and games with these balls. Apart from functioning as a stress ball, these balls can prove to be a very good pass time. The stress ball is made from neodymium, which is a rare earth metal and will not break easily. For this reason, these balls will last for years.

The biggest advantage of playing with these toys is that there are no rules and instructions to play with them. The users can make their own custom designs and models from these balls. You may then remold them to make some other design. This will make you think about the shapes and design. In this way, these balls will help the users develop their brains without any effort. These toys can be used by anyone of any age group.

magnetic jewelry

                            stress ball toys

Kliky Balls

Kliky balls are the bestselling brand of stress balls. They are ultra smooth magnetic balls can stick to each other with much ease. With this stress ball, the user can mold an unlimited number of designs and shapes. This is the best way to get your creativity flowing. The omni-dimensional influence of the Kliky balls lets the users make endless patterns with their own creativity. The price of a set of Kliky balls is 22.99 dollars plus an additional shipping and handling charge of 5.95 dollars.

You can choose from Black, Gold, or Silver colors. If you are planning to gift some toy to your child, then Kliky balls is the perfect choice. Order now!